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Constructing a Religiously Ideal Believer and Woman in Islam- Neo traditional Salafi and Progressive Muslim Methods of Interpretation", Palgrave,2011


2.A Case Study of Patriarchy and Slavery: The Hermeneutical Importance of Qurʾānic Assumptions in the Development of a Values-Based and Purposive Oriented Qurʾān-sunna Hermeneutic
3.Progressive Muslims—Defining and Delineating Identities and Ways of Being a Muslim
4.Neo-Traditional Salafi Qur’an-Sunna Hermeneutics and Its Interpretational Implications
5.Pre Modern and Critical Progressive Methodologies of Interpretation of the Qur'an and the Sunnah
6.The Evolution in the Concept of Sunna
7.Evolution In the Canonical Sunni Hadith Body of Literature and the Concept of An Authentic Hadith During the Formative Period of Islamic Ought As Based on Recent 
8.Constructing the Religious Self and the Other: Neo-Traditional Salafi Manhaj
9.Factors Determining Religious Identity Construction Among Western-Born Muslims: Towards a Theoretical Framework
10.The Interpretational Implications of Progressive Muslims' Qur'An and Sunna Manhaj In Relation to Their Formulation of a Normative Muslima Construct
11.Neo-Traditional Salafi Qur'An-Sunnah Hermeneutic and the Construction of a Normative Muslimah Image
12.Toward a Methodology of Understanding the Nature and Scope of the Concept of Sunnah
13.Construction of the Religious Self and the Other: The Progressive Muslims' Manhaj
14.Jihad, Fundamentalism, Islamic Hermeneutics and Western Muslims, A Review Essay 
15.Historical Influences in Western Muslims' Religious Identity Construction
16.A Paradigm Shift In Assessing/Evaluating the Value and Significance of Hadith In Islamic Thought: From'Ulumu-L-Isnad/Rijal To'usulu-l-fiqh
17.Islamic Groups and Their World-Views and Identities: Neo-Traditional Salafis and Progressive Muslims
18.Literature Review: Identity Construction In the Context of Being a Minority Immigrant Religion: The Case of Western-Born Muslims

Encyclopedia Entry:

1.Feminist Hermeneutics in Islam

Book Reviews:

1.Review of " Constructing a Religiously Ideal Believer and Woman in Islam"
2.Contributions to twentieth Century Islamic Thought in Bosnia and Hercegovina (vol. 1). By Enes Karić
3.Speaking in God's Name"- Book Review
4.Review of “Function of Orality in Islamic Law and practices; Verbalizing Meaning
5.Review of A. Barlas: Believing Women in Islam – Unreading Patriarchal Interpretations of the Qur’an
6.Book Review: Living Our Religions: Hindu and Muslim South Asian-American Women Narrate Their Experiences. By Anjana Narayan and Bandana Purkayastha, Eds. …
7.Interpreting the Qur’an –Towards a Contemporary Approach -Book Review
8.Review of Kecia Ali's "Marriage and Slavery in Early Islam"

Maqasid Al Shari'ah and Contemporary Reformist Muslim Thought, Palgrave,2014,August/September.

Evolution of the Concept of Sunna in Formative and Classical Periods of Islamic Thought,Palgrave, 2014/15

Book Chapters:

1. Maqāsid Al Shari ʾah, Gender Non-Patriarchal Qur’ān-Sunna Hermeneutics and the Reformation of Muslim Family Law
2.Islamic Law Reform and Maqāṣid al-šarīʿa in the Thought of Mohammad Hashim Kamali
3.Shari’ah Law and Women in Islam
4.The Emergence of a Western Muslims Identity
5.Neo-traditional Salafis in the West: Agents of (Self)-Exclusion

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